Open Record

About the Texas Public Information Act

Per Chapter 552 of the Texas Government Code, the Texas Public Information Act (the “Act”) requires governmental agencies to make documents and information available to the public by either copying or inspection, that is held by or for a governmental body if it owns or has a right of access to the information, except for the information that the Act exempts or prohibits from disclosure. Per the Act, the District has ten (10) business days to do one of the following:
The District puts a large amount of information on our website for the public to access without having to do an open records request. The District is not obligated to release records that are readily available on our website. We also do not answer questions posed in an open records request. The Act only allows the public to request documents that exist at the time of their request. The District is under no obligation to respond to requests that do not meet the requirements of the Public Information Act.

Requesting Public Records From Bexar County ESD No.12

State law provides that a governmental entity can designate a person that is authorized to receive all requests for open records. If such designation is made, the Texas Public Information Act is only activated if the request is directed to such person. Pursuant to Section 552.301(c) of the Act, the District has designated the District’s ESD Operations Manager to receive all requests made to the District for public information. As such, the District is not responsible for responding to mailed, e-mailed or faxed requests sent to anyone other than the ESD Operations Manager at the address or email below.

Lawrence Padalecki Jr
Bexar County ESD No. 12
14229 FM 1346 / P.O. Box 58
Saint Hedwig TX 78152

Your request should be as specific as possible as to what record you are seeking. Please also indicate in what format you would like the record. You may request records in electronic format or paper copies. Finally, please specify how you would like the requested information be delivered. District 12 will deliver records in one of the following ways:

Confidential Information

Please be advised that confidential information is often included in documents held by the District. Some of this confidential information the District can automatically redact or withhold such as social security numbers, dates of birth, drivers license information, vehicle license plate numbers, personal phone numbers, e-mail addresses that do not belong to the district and certain confidential employee information.

For all other confidential information, the Act requires the District to request a ruling from the Texas Attorney General’s Office in order to withhold it. If we request such ruling, you will receive correspondence from us letting you know why we are requesting a ruling from the Attorney General’s Office. The Attorney General’s Office has 45 days to respond to a request for a ruling to withhold documents or information.

Fees for Requested Records

The Texas Public Information Act allows a government entity to recover costs associated with producing records. The fees for such are:

Exemption for Fire Reports

The District will not charge for fire reports for individuals or entities that are related to the fire report by being the occupant, owner, investigator or insurance company.